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We have moved!!! YAY!!! June 27th. The house was completed approximately 7 months after demolition. We are now OPEN FOR BUSINESS (so to speak- give us warning to put the guest sheets on the bed after we go buy a guest bed)


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Sunday, July 6, 2008

My computer has been deliberately keeping information from you...

So, our most recent home updates have been technologically limited by my inability to 1) get our DSL to work at the new house until just last Wednesday 2) my computers inability at finding any free space to make it user friendly for me to upload pictures and 3) my available time to spend in between unpacking boxes and work.

WE MOVED!!! We officially got our 'CO' 2 weeks ago last Thursday. Friday (the 27th of June), the movers came and spent 5 hours moving stuff while keeping the rain at bay (pictures to come). Too bad their truck wasn't strong enough to back completely up the driveway. Saturday, the POD was delievered. Not to the new house but to the townhouse. The POD guy couldn't park on the driveway because the POD couldn't make it up the driveway without bottoming out and the city of Roswell won't let you park a POD in the street. So, we had to have it delivered from whence it came. We then had to solicit our closest friends (with big cars) to unload the POD and drive stuff to the new house. On Sunday, we then proceeded to clear the rest of the stuff out of the townhouse, ie the food in the refrigerator, my plants, the garage stuff... The rest of the week has been spent unpacking and getting things in order- the security system installed, the phone line connected, the dsl working, the sofa and carpet delivered, the outlets and electrical things finished, the mirrors for the master bath ordered, etc..

On Thursday- we officially sold our townhouse! Yay! So, that is what we spent the rest of our time doing this past week dealing with. We had to have the carpets cleaned and the professional cleaners clean the house squeaky clean, the electrician fix a couple of the outlets, the structural engineer do an assessment of a crack, the HOA dues updated... We finished it all in time and closed on the house on Thursday (July 3rd) afternoon. Yay! No more double mortgage : )

We are now relaxing.

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