We have moved!!! YAY!!! June 27th. The house was completed approximately 7 months after demolition. We are now OPEN FOR BUSINESS (so to speak- give us warning to put the guest sheets on the bed after we go buy a guest bed)


please don't rain...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I don't think I am much of a handywoman.

It's great now- we're getting down to the nitty gritty detail... Today, I learned how to install towel racks and toilet paper holders. We also put up a super-fancy window treatment stuff on the bathroom window so that the neighbors won't be able to see our naked tooshes... In the next week we have DirecTV guy coming out, Brinks security coming out, the driveway poured and graveled and then the rest of the yard finished. Last but not least- we have to do our final punch out items. Hopefully a move-in date will be soon!


SarcastiCarrie said...

ohmygod, I love your fireplace.

Handywoman, Schmandywoman. You'll figure it all out. Or learn how to use the yellow pages to look up Roto-Rooter and a locksmith. I didn't even know you could re-key your own locks until the Man of the House did that for us. And when he borrowed a drain snake to clean our main line, well, I nearly passed out from overwelling pride. My jobs around the house are finish carpentry (apparently, I have great reserves of patience and an attention to important detail) and non-grass landscaping. So, if you ever need help picking out a hydrangea or a hibiscus (which would work really well in your climate), let me know.

SarcastiCarrie said...

Oh, I should have said that I love your chimney. Now, please could I have an interior shot of the fireplace?

Amy and Jason Ross said...

Check out the picasa website for our fireplace pictures. Don't get distracted by Jason's rather large "toy" above it. It is simply a gas fireplace. We saved money to not make it a gas and a real one. I would have like the real flames, but the budget said "no".